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The Keys to Writing a Heartwarming Story

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Nothing compares to moments where we sit down with another person and hear their life story. Do you ever wonder why moments like these get so affecting and touching? It is because sharing stories are the only way we can connect as people. Learning more about someone and their story allows us to understand them on a deeper level, thereby strengthening the relationship with them. When we start sharing personal encounters, it creates a safe environment, one that gets no destruction. Regardless of whether it's something entirely new or something we've been pondering, this act motivates us to take action and do something productive. In other words, it inspires us to be more in life.

We are exposed to many ways of sharing our stories. One most remarkable way is through writing. That is why many successful authors opt for sharing their inspiring life journeys through writing. Trea Jackson is one of them. The Innocent Eyes Of A Child: Everyone's Little Girl But Nobody's Child gives us a grasp of her story as a child. It describes her experiences in the foster care system, as well as the difficulties she faced as a condition of being a part of it. In the hopes of getting saved, she felt the endless cycle of hope. But she never gave up. Instead, she found comfort in writing, and since then, she would always rely on it to make her feel better.

Just like Trea Jackson, you can also share your story in writing and publish your own book. It may take a long process, but it definitely is the most rewarding experience. So if you don't know where you can start, this blog is for you. Here are some tips on how you can have a smooth writing process in sharing your story:

Show, don't tell

Part of effectively publishing a book guarantees high-quality writing, and this rule is the fundamental key for that. When you first start writing, one of the most difficult—and essential—parts is learning how to show rather than tell. It creates the desired emotional relationship in readers, resulting in a genuine, long-lasting imprint of sensation and warmth. One way of showing, not telling is by not using words that explain emotions. When you want the readers to know you are giddy and anxious, don't just mention those words. Show them how you were anxious. What did you do? What have you felt and experienced while being anxious? This way, you are giving readers an in-depth view of what happened.

Learn the Element of Sensibility

Your readers will want to read your story when they feel a connection to it. One appealing aspect of a poignant narrative is that it is relevant, and readers can envision and feel what you are feeling. Therefore you want to elicit an emotion that many people can identify with. This ensures that the most significant number of readers will be able to connect with your heartfelt narrative. No matter how you want your story to connect with your readers, you also have to make sure that it is not common, leading us to the next point:

Highlight the Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable moments are the ones that will make your story unique. If it is one of the highlights of your life, then it should also be the highlight of your book. You just have to make sure that you're wiring it in a way that's not overly sentimental. You may create a genuinely moving narrative that connects with your audience without being excessively emotional. In essence, you want to avoid sentimentality by knowing that you can convey thoughts, feelings, problems, and experiences without over-emotional statements. Be realistic, and your readers will surely find that connection.

Have a Good Writing Routine

You won't always know what works best for you until you sit down to write about it. You may decide that using a pen and paper is preferable, or you may conclude that typing on a computer is better. Whatever works best for you should be the one you choose to do. Remeber that the most critical aspect of writing is that you enjoy every process of it. In short, you can't let the pressure get to you.

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